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4 Steps to Effectively Resolving any Issue

1 – Identify – Identify precisely what the specific issue is that you need to address here & now.

2 – Understand – Look at your present context & understand the real reason you need to fix this now.

3 – Learn – Critique your way through a few reasonable ways to get the job done given your present circumstances.

4 – Apply – Choose your best option and boldly implement your strategy with confidence!

Think.    Commit.   Succeed.

On Compromise

There may be times when circumstances dictate that you absolutely must compromise.

Whenever this happens, make the best of it by engineering a scenario where what needs to be sacrificed is simply some perceived comfort, traded off for the benefit of strategically adapting to your current context.

Just have a care that you never permit compromise to be a matter of relinquishing or sacrificing your principles. Ever.

Consider this deeply: Treat intelligently managing compromise as investing in your future, not acquiescing to your present.


Exasperation or Determination

What’s the difference?

Whenever you ask the question “Why?”, idle curiosity notwithstanding, you are most likely asking it out of exasperation or determination.

Exasperation is reactive and does no-one any good. But determination is proactive, and has tremendous potential to move everyone forward. So always be mindful of which one you’re choosing.