confuse emotion with conviction at your peril

The Scenario: You know you’re going to make a critical decision, but you want to know: Is my key driver here emotion or conviction? What’s the difference?

EMOTION and its outputs are ephemeral.

Insight: A decision made in or based on EMOTION has built-in escape hatches. Which means ultimately that decision has no stamina, no power, and it’s tough to ever have any real confidence in it.

CONVICTION is a potent & limitless fuel supply.

Insight: A decision based on CONVICTION is a decision based on a Principle; it may have to be “qualified” with a proviso at times to be functional, but this never operates as an escape hatch.

The Takeaway:  Doesn’t every conviction originate with an emotion in the first place? Yep. The key is that as you mature, you must identify & select certain emotions, then try, test, and transform them into conviction.

How? You can start with an emotional thought, but then strip away everything unreasonable or irrelevant. Then, whatever becomes visible as an underlying Principle is the reason you feel the way you do, regardless of circumstance; it is upon this Principle that your conviction is based.

Remember: Conviction is not, and should never feel like, a ‘dead weight’; instead, it should feel like and function as fuel for excelling yourself!