how to attain true freedom

The Scenario: We all want “freedom”. Or think we do. But were you aware that achieving it is entirely dependent upon whether you are pushing or pulling? Read on…..


FREEDOM FROM – this desire is rooted in the types of emotions associated with: ”Don’t miss!”

Insight: As you can surmise, the DNA of FREEDOM FROM is really avoidance; you want to feel free of some negative force or set of conditions. The emotional factors in play here are primarily doubt and fear, because these are the things you are pushing away from in your quest to obtain freedom.


FREEDOM TO – this desire is rooted in the types of emotions associated with: ”Hit it out of the park!”

Insight:  The DNA of FREEDOM TO is the expansive spirit of reaching ahead; you are driven by confidence and determined self-reliance to achieve. The emotional factor in play here is primarily a powerful belief in yourself as the vehicle through which you will obtain your freedom.


The Takeaway:  FREEDOM FROM leads only to feelings of futility, because the harder you try to push away from the doubts & fears to which you are clinging, the tighter your grip on them – and theirs on you!

On the contrary, FREEDOM TO pulls you ever forward, and so it alone can lead to cultivating an independent spirit, the only true freedom we can experience.

As always, the choice is yours – make every effort to pick one you’ll be happy living with.