the potential upside to anger

When purposefully controlled & directed, anger can be a very effective tool useful in overcoming your fear to action.

But two caveats: (1) Be very careful to never allow your anger to turn inward, where it can easily mutate into self-pity or self-recrimination.*  (2) Use anger only to get you to action, letting it burn out before it can impact or direct what action you will take; don’t drive angry!  🙂

And of course, as with any tool, it should never be more powerful than the hand that wields it.


   * When you just get angry in an uncontrolled & undirected way, what does your anger end up settling into?  Most often a default resting place of self-punishment or self-recrimination or guilt.

But by purposefully controlling & directing your anger against a problem rather than a person, you overcome this inertia of rest -> You momentarily peel away from self-punishment or self-recrimination or guilt, which gives you a fantastic opportunity for positive transformation!

Use this positive momentum to move away from your default, and keep moving all the way to Critical Thinking. Because Critical Thinking is the only thing that will deliver a completely different outcome than what you’re used to.

Practice using controlled & directed anger as a catalyst to target the problem and think your way through an issue, rather than simply defaulting to negative feelings turned inward against yourself. When you do this, you not only tap into the extraordinary power of Thinking, but you also stop reinforcing any self-destructive patterns of self-pity, self-recrimination and guilt.

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