making choices makes you powerful

While there are many challenges to living a happy and contented life, I’d say without reservation that confusion among the concepts of LIKING, WANTING and CHOOSING is responsible for a disproportionately huge amount of human misery & frustration. So here is my attempt to reduce some of that suffering by eliminating its cause.

LIKING is not the same thing as CHOOSING! They are 2 completely different concepts!

LIKING is akin to wishing, or even hoping, and it is strictly emotional. While CHOOSING may begin with wishing or hoping, it always concludes in physical action that is proof of the choice you’ve made. Consider this deeply.

As for WANTING – it is simply a bridge between LIKING and CHOOSING.

WANTING starts with the WHY underpinning your LIKING, and then it infuses it with your Will, ideally to such a degree that you end up making the best choice for yourself i.e. CHOOSING what you were LIKING in the first place!

  1. LIKING.

Three different concepts that, working together, can make your dreams come true!


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