choosing the elusive & enigmatic “best”

Wouldn’t it be great to always be able to “do what’s best”? It would sure be handy to know that you’re always guaranteed to make the right choice or the right move, in every case.

Unfortunately, the nature of our reality is such that we are seldom in a position to know precisely what is the absolute “best” choice or response to a given situation. And this is true no matter how smart or experienced we happen to be. So at the end of the day, focusing our attention on doing what’s best really just delivers big stress, and not much else.

The takeaway is that regardless of the circumstances, your best option is always to stay focused on simply  – and genuinely – doing your best.

Consider: if you do the absolute best that you are capable of at any given time, then whether the outcome ends up being optimal or not, you are in a position to move forward with confidence from that point. This holds true for any scenario. Conversely, if you focus solely on trying to do what’s best (vs. your best) you are more than likely to end up disappointed with the results. The reason being that even though your brains & experience are supporting your opinion of what you think is best at the time, you cannot actually predict exactly what will prove to be “best” for every set of circumstances. That’s just our imperfect life.

So, if you ever find yourself struggling to “do what’s best”, stop, let go and shift your focus to doing your best with whatever you have at hand. And if you ever feel inclined to beat yourself up for not having done “what’s best”, take a step back, realize the pointlessness of that judgment, and refresh your perspective. If you did your best then you gained a valuable learning experience. And if you didn’t do your best, then figure out why…and how to do your best next time – and every time after that!  🙂

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