the time to decide is now

Common Scenario: You find yourself facing a daunting backlog of tasks based on a seemingly endless To-Do list.

Common Response: Procrastination.

Common Justification for Procrastination: You convince yourself that there is a distinct advantage to be gained by waiting to decide. Naturally, once decisions are made, then you can attack each task with confidence!

Common Mistake: Failing to appreciate the fact that a backlog of tasks most often indicates a backlog of decisions i.e. this is not an “insufficient time & energy” issue, but rather an “emotional avoidance” issue.

Uncommon Solution: Debunk for yourself right now the myth that there is any advantage whatsoever in avoiding a decision. HINT: You can ease into acceptance by negotiating with yourself “Decide NOW….I can always follow through with specific actions as required… y’know, later.”

The power of decision is a muscle – use it well & often or lose it to atrophy.

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