ever experienced “failure”?

Let’s say you set a goal, made a plan & followed it. But the outcome you expected and worked towards just did not materialize. 

So did you fail? Well it depends on how you choose to frame your outcome. You see, you have the freedom to frame the outcome as either a SETBACK or as a FAILURE. 

What’s the difference? 

If you choose to label your efforts as culminating in FAILURE, then you’re telling yourself that you accept this unsuccessful outcome as final. And so in effect, you have admitted defeat and have chosen to cease your efforts – chosen to quit.

On the other hand, if you choose to label your present outcome as a SETBACK, then it indicates that you are still committed to getting the positive outcome you expected. Being determined to make the effort, you’ll analyze your present outcome, do what is necessary to reformulate your perspective, strategy, action plans, and carry on until you achieve the outcome you want.

My point: think of FAILURE simply as a label we often choose to rationalize our having given up. Ultimately then, FAILURE is really just an emotional perspective rather than an objective reality, regardless of how widely we may at times miss the mark.

Think on this next time your efforts deliver an outcome that falls short of your intentions.

Oh yeah, and never quit.