do you have expectations of yourself?

It is an unfortunately common occurrence to find people who end up disappointed in themselves because they feel that they failed to meet their own expectations. Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself. I know I have. 

Fair enough. But consider this carefully: Were they actual expectations in the first place? Or just constructs of wishful thinking

This distinction is important. It’s patently ridiculous to feel disappointed with yourself just because a wish didn’t materialize, right? (And if that seems obvious, it’s because it is…)

So, if you ever find yourself feeling disappointed in yourself because you haven’t met an expectation, it is probably because you never actually set it as a specific expectation of yourself. Yep, it’s that painfully simple.

Because once you actually set a specific expectation in your mind, you’re looking at a goal. And once you’ve set yourself a goal you’re more than likely to achieve it – or at least come close enough to the desired outcome that you can just readjust your expectations for the next one!

Remember: just “having” expectations is more or less wishful thinking. And wishful thinking is the easiest way to find yourself ensconced in the comfortable beanbag chair of self-pity (easy to fall into, tough to get out of).

To err is human. It’s how we learn. So never waste time & energy feeling disappointed in yourself. Just set yourself a specific target, aim, and leap!