are you entitled to a better life?

Here are 2 questions that should guide you to figure out the right answer for yourself.

Q. Do you deserve to enjoy SUCCESS because of your superior qualities as a human being?

A. Well, the answer is entirely dependent upon your value judgment, which is ultimately a subjective opinion.

Q. Do you deserve TO SUCCEED?

A. Well, that is a completely different matter that is dependent upon the clarity of your goals, the quality of your strategies and the nature of the efforts you invest in implementing them to achieve your goals.

Too many people confuse the outcome of success with what is necessary to achieve that outcome. And in doing so often find themselves mired in a self-doubt that prevents them from making the intelligent, unrelenting, and consistent efforts required to succeed.

And if that confusion is allowed to continue over time, the inevitable result is stagnation and atrophy of will.

So make certain you understand and always keep in mind the difference while on your way to your own many successes.

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