struggle or battle – your choice

There are only two approaches available when you choose to undertake the challenge of overcoming any obstacles to a desired achievement. 


BATTLE is undertaking any challenge that you expect to win.

STRUGGLE is undertaking any challenge that you expect to lose, but feel compelled to engage in because you’d like to win.

Motivation for BATTLE is the decision of “I’m going to do what it takes to keep going until I am victorious.” This motivation sustains you until you win. 

Motivation for STRUGGLE is the idea of “I’m frustrated with losing, so I’ll try to do better.” This motivation does not last, and so you inevitably lose while having wasted genuine effort in the process.

BATTLE mindset: “I have an opportunity to win here if I work smart & strong. And if I don’t win this time, I’ll just keep investing in being smarter & stronger until I do.”

STRUGGLE mindset: “No matter how smart & strong I am I can’t win, so there’s really no point in investing in being smarter & stronger; it’s futile.”

Obviously, you must commit to one approach or the other before you begin taking on a challenge.  And you’ll need to train yourself to always make the wise choice.


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