expectations are directions, goals are destinations

The Scenario: We all have goals and expectations – but which ones to focus on to get the best results?

GOALS are tangible and concrete desires, easily measurable and benchmarked.

Insight:  GOALS have the benefit of being stable yet pliable enough to adapt to changing circumstances. Their advantage is that even your highest aspirations can be realized through consistently setting & incrementally achieving them. So if you’re building well-crafted plans for achievement, thoughtful GOALS can be excellent guidelines for actualizing your potential.


EXPECTATIONS are generally desires that have no precise shape or boundaries.

Insight:  EXPECTATIONS are useful indicators of desire but very difficult to actually achieve, being neither concrete nor tangible. And a caution: once an emotion-based EXPECTATION is temporarily “satisfied” it can have a tendency to balloon out into even bigger or even more EXPECTATIONS.


The Takeaway: It’s really important to take a good hard look at the things you want of Life and clearly label them as GOALS or EXPECTATIONS. My two cents: The uniquely emotional nature of EXPECTATIONS makes them handy indicators, but GOALS help get you there. So for best results I’d recommend keeping your GOALS in the driver’s seat and your EXPECTATIONS in the passenger’s seat – your aspirations will thank you.


making the impossible impossible

Think of a few potential personal achievements that feel really inspiring to you, and list them on a piece of paper.

Try imagining that they are POSSIBLE.

Now, you may find that you are having trouble doing this because part of your mind is screaming: “But that’s not realistic!”. Okay, so then try imagining that they are IMPOSSIBLE. Can you do it?

If imagining that they are IMPOSSIBLE is not possible, then imagining that they are POSSIBLE must be possible! So get to it and enjoy!


destiny is a matter of choice

Wouldn’t it be nice if your Destiny was as simple as writing the details of the life you want on a blank sheet of paper ?  Alas, it ain’t so.

Turns out that it’s more like we and Fate both scribble on a sheet of paper which then gets torn into a million pieces.

So your first responsibility is to gather up and re-assemble all the pieces and paste them into one sheet again. This may take some time. The good news is you’re then free to edit any of the scribblings on that sheet that you find disagreeable. You can also deliberately draft and outline any paths you want to walk. Sure it’s complicated and at times a little tricky, but well worth the effort, don’t ya think?

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, but a thing to be achieved.”


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