Thinking about thinking is some of the most worthwhile thinking you’ll ever do! So here are a few of the resources that have guided mine.
The Book Of Five RingsMiyamoto Musashi
The Art of Practical ThinkingR. Weil Jr.
Oh The Places You’ll GoDr. Seuss
The Art Of WarSun Tzu
The Demon’s Sermon On The Martial ArtsIssai Chozanshi
The Unfettered MindTakuan Soho
MusashiEiji Yoshikawa
Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle MaintenanceRobert Pirsig
Atlas Shrugged; The Fountainhead; The Virtue of SelfishnessAyn Rand
Visual Explanations; Envisioning InformationEdward R. Tufte
MeditationsMarcus Aurelius
The Power of SilenceCarlos Castaneda
Markings Dag Hammarskjöld
The Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle
The PrinceN. Machiavelli
Thus Spoke ZarathustraF. Nietzsche
Zen & The BrainJames Austin, MD
Give one a try! You never know, you may just find among them something that makes a difference …

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