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emotionality – I’m just not feelin’ it…

Don’t bother trying to replace “bad” emotions with “good’ ones – you will find it a continual struggle, and not really worth the uphill battle. Trying to corral your bad emotions doesn’t work either – they can consume you if you try.

Instead, work to purge yourself of emotions that are of no use to you. A good start is to say to yourself: “Y’know, at the end of the day……”, and then see what really matters in terms of getting the results you’re looking for.

This is a simple but effective way to make your emotions work for you rather than against you.

making the impossible impossible

Think of a few potential personal achievements that feel really inspiring to you, and list them on a piece of paper.

Try imagining that they are POSSIBLE.

Now, you may find that you are having trouble doing this because part of your mind is screaming: “But that’s not realistic!”. Okay, so then try imagining that they are IMPOSSIBLE. Can you do it?

If imagining that they are IMPOSSIBLE is not possible, then imagining that they are POSSIBLE must be possible! So get to it and enjoy!


how to leverage power struggles

All power struggles are all about locus of control.

Never forget that yours is strongest when your position is dead-center of your own “sphere of influence”, such as it is.

So when you find yourself caught in the middle of a power struggle, note carefully in the center of whose sphere you happen to currently be standing. And if it is not your own, review your strategy one more time before you consider flexing any muscles or exerting any effort.

There will be times when this shift in perspective is all that you require to shift the balance of power in your favour. Think about it.

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