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how to win unavoidable power struggles

All power struggles are about locus of control. Never forget that your control is strongest when your position is dead-center of your own “sphere of influence”, whatever it may look like.

So if you ever find yourself caught in the middle of a power struggle, pay close attention to whose sphere of influence you happen to currently be standing in the center of. And if it’s not your own, review your strategy one more time before you consider flexing any muscles or exerting any effort.

There will be times when this shift in perspective is all that you require to shift the balance of power in your favour. Think about it. Use it.

the power of the right why

Whenever you ask the question “Why?”, idle curiosity notwithstanding, you are most likely asking it out of exasperation or determination.

Exasperation is reactive and does no-one any good. But determination is proactive, and has tremendous potential to move everyone forward. So always be mindful of which one you’re choosing.

it’s all in a frame

Generally speaking, people tend to label themselves (and others) as “positive” or “negative”. But this is not always as useful as you might think.

So instead, try asking yourself: “Do I tend to think constructively or destructively?” Doing this will move you forward!

got fears? just corral ’em!

Everyone has fears. The trouble is that many people are afraid of their fears; understandably so, as left unchecked they can be devastating.

The good news is that they can be of real positive value to you too – just never neglect them.

Never allow your fears to fester in a corner, gaining strength and increasing control over your imagination! Instead, call them out into the light every so often – make a habit of doing so – particularly when you are feeling overwhelmed by them.

Shake hands with them, give’em a quick rinse, remind them that while you must co-exist YOU are still the boss, and then let them drift on their way.

I guarantee that if you do this periodically your fears will behave themselves, and stay in their rightful place as challenges to be accepted and cautions to be heeded.

What does not kill you makes you stronger.


a quick emotional detox tip

Emotional Pollution requires a host environment – it cannot exist outside of you. So if you are feeling lousy, check to see that you’re not keeping any pollutants clinging to your mind by default.

“We become that to which we give our attention.” – Aristotle


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