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a friend in need…

True friendship affirms that you may from time to time rely upon another’s strength or character as either an anchor or a resource, but never as a crutch.

how to make “being busy” worth it

If you feel so “busy” all the time, it’s probably because you are. But consider this:

Keeping yourself distracted by doing things that you find COMFORTABLE delivers very different results than investing in your Self by doing things that you VALUE.

6 simple stages to track your progress

A natural progression of likely objectives, from youth through old age…

First Stage of Life: Grow Up!

Early Stage of Life: Live!

Early Middle Stage of Life: Grow Up!

Middle Stage of Life: Live!

Later Stage of Life: Live Healthy!

Last Stage of Life: Die Healthy!

Where are you? 🙂

increase your adaptability to succeed

In my opinion, one of the greatest hurdles to success for most people is adaptability.

Success often depends on your ability to adapt to new ideas, strategies & information – as though you’ve been in possession of them all your life.

Which of course requires a combination of confidence, intelligence, and maturity of character.

Which is why adaptability is often one of the greatest hurdles to success for most people.


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