just take responsibility to nuke regret

The Scenario: Undertaking an assessment of your present life, your attention comes to rest – along with mixed feelings – upon what you’ve done to bring you this far and become what you are.

Feeling REGRET is looking back on what is done & gone, and feeling guilt or shame or self-pity.

Insight:  When you choose to REGRET, you end up stuck blaming yourself for your past mistakes rather than learning from them, and then applying those lessons to your present. You are effectively turning your back on progress and opportunities.


Taking RESPONSIBILITY is looking at how you’ve come to your present circumstances, and figuring out how to apply the lessons learned.

Insight:  When you choose to take RESPONSIBILITY, looking backwards is not on the menu. You’ve admitted that you alone are responsible for where you are, how you’ve gotten here, and how you’ve become what you are now. And you are willing to work with what you’ve got.


The Takeaway: Ask yourself if you would be better served by asking yourself “What can I be doing RIGHT NOW to make myself and my future BETTER?”, or by looking to the past and lamenting what could have been. When you develop within yourself an intimate understanding of the difference between RESPONSIBILITY and REGRET, you can ensure that you remain always facing forward – a place of endless possibilities.