some sound strategy on strategy

The Scenario: You are in a situation where people’s emotions are running high, but it falls on your shoulders to make the right decision. So which do you rely on to guide your critical decision: LOGIC or STRATEGY?

LOGIC is based on the truth of things.

 Insight: Choosing to rely on LOGIC is to follow the reasonable path of what should be, which may not in fact accurately represent the reality of your present circumstances.


STRATEGY is based on using what you have.

 Insight:  Choosing to rely on STRATEGY means doing your best with what actually is, regardless of any value-judgment you may feel inclined to make.


The Takeaway:  If you try to apply & execute plans based on logic in an environment where no logic is present – where logic is not perceived by all concerned as relevant – your plans will fail. And don’t even bother trying to “dial back” on or “soften” your logic inputs, as doing so will only magnify the vulnerability of your position.

Remember this truth: Whereas  true “reasoning” is based on rational evaluation & judgment, the fact remains that what most people commonly refer to as “reasoning” is based on emotional evaluation & judgment. Therefore, to deal with people successfully, I recommend you abandon LOGIC and rely instead on STRATEGY. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.