being lazy? or just avoiding something?

The Scenario: You just don’t feel like doing something that you know you really should be doing – especially for yourself. Are you simply being lazy?

LAZINESS comes from apathy born of a deep-rooted sense of futility.

 Insight: Many people who feel themselves “lazy” are in fact quite the opposite! Unfortunately they often appear lazy when they are really just insufficiently trained to challenge their doubts. It is usually nagging doubts that whatever action they could take would prove ineffectual that prevents them from taking any action. Fact is, most people are not lazy, just afraid.


AVOIDANCE comes from avoiding conflict – either internal or external.

 Insight: Many people who have a tendency to avoid conflict with other people also have a tendency to avoid internal conflict. Thing is, avoiding internal conflict can often prevent you from exercising the internal muscles necessary to overcome your doubts.


The Takeaway:  It is important to never label your AVOIDANCE as LAZINESS.  When you find yourself being too passive, don’t waste time & energy feeling guilty with meaningless statements like “I am being LAZY….”.

Instead, try this 3-step exercise: First, admit that “I am avoiding something!”. Next, figure out “What exactly is it that I am avoiding?”  I guarantee that once you’ve gained insight & clarity into the third part, “Why am I avoiding it?”, you will find yourself invigorated with an unanticipated sense of freedom & power.

So shrug off AVOIDANCE and enjoy being excellent!