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so you wanna improve the world…

How do you “improve the world”?

By making life’s essentials available to those who lack them? Naturally. By making more & better things for people to use? Sure. These efforts help raise the Standard of Living where they are applied. Terrific. I’m a fan.

Then I ask myself: Would I rather raise someone’s Standard of Living or raise their Standard of Life?

I choose the latter, simply because I am passionate about it and it might just be within my compass. I say let those passionate about making life’s essentials available to all do so, and let those who are passionate about making more & better things do so, and power to them both, for they are doing good things for humanity.

Me? I shall continue to devote my energies & attention to what I really believe in: raising the Standard of Life for every individual interested in cultivating the inherent nobility of their human spirit.

Why this choice? Because I believe that therein exists a significant avenue in the positive evolution of mankind.


don’t just “live & learn”, learn & live!

“Live & learn” is the advice commonly offered us after we’ve made some sort of mistake, the nature of which required us to pay a rather hefty price. The implication is that having paid that price is what gives us the opportunity to “learn a valuable lesson”.

For myself, though, I think it a far better, wiser, and more comfortable proposition to live according to the mandate: Learn & Live!

Naturally it takes a little more upfront effort, but why not give it a try and see how it works out for you.

how to think with power

If you are an average person, you can probably run down the street quite capably without undue effort or stress. But this doesn’t mean that you automatically possess the capability to complete an Ironman event.

Pretty straightforward, right? But oddly enough, when it comes to thinking, people tend to ignore this simple rationale. They often expect to automatically be able to think powerfully & critically about a huge variety of extraordinarily complex issues, circumstances & ideas. And when they fail to do so, they are either shocked or disappointed or both.

Consider this: Having a body does not make you an athlete. And having many thoughts in your mind does not constitute thinking. Just because you can think your way through a typical day doesn’t mean that you’ve automatically cultivated the capability to think critically. So update your expectations, and don’t be surprised when you – or others – can’t seem to think critically.

My advice is to appreciate that powerful thinking requires both measurable time & energy. Thinking gets physical results because it is a physical act. And like any other physical act, it requires physical training in order to achieve excellence in it.

You can think critically – just accept that it requires consistent & deliberate effort on your part. Once you’ve trained yourself and cultivated your capability, capacity, skills & techniques, you’ll find yourself plowing through complex issues & ideas effortlessly.

And that’s when life gets a lot more interesting.

start living your potential

Searching for some practical avenues for achieving your Full Potential? Excellent!

How about…

Identifying your Blind Spots. Recognizing opportunities. Seeing possibilities. Reaching so far beyond your hurdles with such positive force of will that all your obstacles are overcome as a matter of course, and the entire exercise of doing so is a pleasure!

“Life on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.” – K. Wallenda

a simple way to dominate fear

Any fear can seem overwhelming when you allow your imagination to magnify it; the consequences of making the wrong choice seem infinite.

But if you can face that same fear head on, you’ll notice the magnitude of potential consequences shrink considerably, giving you the presence of mind to dominate that fear and make the right choice.

the key to unlocking your potential

What is the most effective path to accessing your potential? Self-discipline.

Why? Because it is incremental. The elegance of Self-discipline is that it automatically carves out a manageable, bite-sized portion of your potential – and helps you digest it – every single time you engage it. So not only does Self-discipline give you traction on something as nebulous as your own potential, but it scales with you as you continue to grow, develop & improve yourself. How great is that!

Self-discipline is the most powerful tool that you have to speed you on your way to becoming your best. You don’t even need to guide it – it’s virtually fire-and-forget! So keep the better part of your attentions focused on Self-discipline, and I promise it will keep you growing into your ever-increasing potential.