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feeling stuck? think pliable…

You find yourself avoiding making choices, because you are afraid to make the “wrong” choice – you could find yourself STUCK, with no freedom to escape the consequences of that choice.

Naturally, you want to avoid this at all costs, so you decide to not make the choice.

However, doing this leaves you feeling STUCK in a different way – maybe even a worse way – in LIMBO!

Clearly, to avoid feeling STUCK in LIMBO, the only option is to make the choice.

But that brings us full circle: What if it’s the “wrong” choice? Then you’d be STUCK in that choice with no freedom to escape the consequences of that choice.

Quite the conundrum, it would seem.

But as always, there is a way. In fact, the only way to break out of this Catch-22 is to decide that making any choice – right or wrong – is infinitely better than not making the choice!

The key to success here is the following realization: Discovering that you’ve made the wrong choice does not “trap” you in that choice. What will trap you in it is only your willingness to live with it rather than make the effort – or take the risk – of changing your path or circumstances at that point in time.

So, rather than living in fear of making a bad or wrong choice, I’d recommend you focus instead on cultivating a willingness to adapt or change, when necessary. Once you have confidence in your capability, you’ll no longer need to fear getting STUCK in any bad or wrong choice.

“Pliability is a living hand, fixedness is a dead hand.” – Musashi


there are three types of people

“There are 3 types of people in the world – those who can count and those who can’t.”

Sorry – couldn’t resist that one….. 🙂

Actually, there really are three types of people in the world, or perhaps more accurately three basic types of motivational driver that essentially govern the way we all end up conducting our lives.

Fact is, people are driven by focusing the lion’s share of their daily thinking & feeling primarily on Being, Doing or Having.

So ask yourself: “Which have I been focused on?” You may be surprised at what you find.

At the end of the day, I believe the key to living well is for each of us to find our own unique moving average of all three of these drivers. Not easy by any means, but worth the effort.

Why not give it a try?

look to critical mass for successful transformation

Looking to achieve “critical mass” on a positive personal transformation? Give this a try.

Step 1: Whenever you feel a burst of positive motivational energy, I recommend that you immediately apply it to mapping out a Plan & Schedule, and keep at it until this tool is ready to use.

Step 2: Then every day just follow that plan ruthlessly i.e. completely disregarding your present motivation, energy levels, etc. This last bit is critical.

Following these 2 simple steps is the easiest and most reliable way to move yourself forward – at least for your first few months of positive transformation.

Remember: If you insist on relying on daily doses of motivation to keep you moving forward and acting appropriately during that time, you will most likely find yourself disappointed. Why? Because chances are pretty good that your default mental patterns are far too powerful to efficiently overcome on the basis of daily effort.

The best news is that once you have attained “critical mass” and installed this new path forward into your life, you will be free to rely on anything you wish to keep yourself moving forward.


earn your own great expectations

As a survival instinct, we can have a tendency to treat all the unpleasant cause & effect patterns we’ve ever experienced as having coalesced into a single ever-present “force or power”.

And because we have a powerful emotional  “muscle memory” of those patterns, we can often hold this imaginary force or power as responsible for every single thing that has worked against us, seems to be working against us today, and may be expected to work against our well-being in the future as well

I think this is one reason why our Habitual Fears are able to command our attention so easily; we see them as harbingers of that power or force that we’re expecting to inevitably work against us!

One solution springs to mind that is quite simple, if perhaps not all that easy:

Rather than clinging to old emotions rooted in bad memories, we might all be better off basing our expectations on the reality of our present circumstances, capabilities, and possibilities.

how to escape negativity

Escaping negativity in all its forms – many of which reside within your own mind – can be as simple as following this advice: instead of trying to avoid it, actively ignore it.

Here’s how it works. When you try to avoid a thing, you’re already giving it your attention. So when you try to avoid something as incredibly potent as negativity, it will immediately & mercilessly pollute you with its toxins. Not good.

A better alternative is to actively ignore negativity. And the best way to do that is by focusing all your attention on positivity!

Okay, like many simple things this may prove a little harder than it sounds. Fair enough. But while it’s true that all things are difficult before they are easy, they actually do get easier, so fear not.

I assure you that if you can set your attentions on positives and keep them focused there, you will remain permanently out of the pernicious reach of negativity.

And that, friends, is a pretty great way to go through life, wouldn’t you say?

we suffer more from imagination than reality

Many people are so afraid of the potential consequences of imagined failure that they spend all their time, energy & effort in trying to avoid them.

The problem is that in doing so, they fail to avoid the consequences of real failures that are completely within their power to avoid today.

Please consider this well; to squander your life out of fear would be a terrible waste.

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