are you really lazy or just afraid?

“Take responsibility for your actions & your decisions!”

I heard this often growing up. I’ve absorbed this into myself. And I’ve said this to others on occasion as well. All because it is simply one of the fundamentals of being a mature human being. So far so good.

The odd thing is that when most people feel (or are told) that they are “not taking responsibility” or “avoiding responsibility”, most of the time it is probably not true. This is not to say that they are taking responsibility; because they probably aren’t. Instead, what they are much more likely doing is “not taking or avoiding” the risk of failing in meeting their responsibility! Big difference.

So before you judge yourself or someone else as “lazy” for not taking responsibility, check to see if it is instead a matter of being afraid to take the risk of failing. And if it is, then the situation calls not for discipline, but for courage. Big difference.