don’t let “thinking” stress you out

A great many people get stressed out by “thinking!”.

And one of the major reasons is that they focus on trying to find THE answer, rather than just creating and considering viable options first. Not optimal.

So here’s my take on a solution – just keep the following in mind:

It’s not always about finding THE answer; sometimes there just isn’t a single definitive answer, or even any reliable place to look for one if there was.

Very often it’s simply about creating AN answer, or even a few options that might work.

Relatively simple, yes? To recap: It is more often about creating an answer than finding one, and it is most often about AN answer rather than THE answer.

So next time you need or want to “think” about something important, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be “right”. Instead, just follow this advice and you’ll most likely end up doing what works. 🙂