how to go with the flow

It is a sad fact that the world is rife with frightened people who, rather than making the effort to elevate themselves, simply park on feeling inadequate and parrot terminologies that they have heard yet fail to sufficiently comprehend. And one victim of this is the idea of being logical & systematic. This is in fact a tremendously valuable trait, but it is often maligned as “being anal” by the weak-minded, who often find themselves incapable of any kind of sustained and focused concentration.

That said, even many intelligent people have been misled to believe that being logical, organized & systematic necessitates being rigid and closed-minded. This is a fallacy. On the contrary, disciplining yourself to think & behave in a systematic way endows you with the power to consider insightful questions for yourself which you then feel compelled to answer in an effective manner.

Possessing such a mindset enables you to engage any activity to its successful conclusion without a moment of wasted time, effort, or energy. In this light, I think it is safe to say that being described as logical & systematic is most definitely a complement, and as a quality available to all with the initiative to cultivate it, worth the effort.