how to take responsibility for yourself

“Take responsibility for yourself!”

Sage advice, but many people wonder “How?” Well, it’s really about accepting that you do indeed have the power to choose.

We all want the freedom to make our own choices, but sometimes we find ourselves doubting that we really have the power to do so, and we end up avoiding the opportunity.

So here is a tip: on any occasion that you see yourself not making a choice, do yourself a favour and remind yourself that it is not because you “cannot” choose – it is because you are refusing to make a choice.

Remember: Whenever we get stuck like this we are inclined to feel frustrated and lament “Why can’t I choose!?” This is useless. Instead, move forward through your stress by answering the question you should be asking yourself: “Why won’t I choose!?”

Following through on your answer is a big part of taking personal responsibility – and enjoying all the choices you get to make when you do!


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