a “recipe” for making the most of yourself

Ever since I can remember, my singular objective has been to Make The Most Of Myself. And so it remains.

Naturally, during the past forty years of conscious effort directed towards this goal I’ve created and employed a variety of insights & ideas to guide my efforts, naturally meeting with mixed success.

At any rate, what follows is my latest effort at clarifying my own personal “recipe” for Making The Most Of Myself:

Simply focus all my efforts on building BOTH a Better Man AND a Better Life. How? Specifically…

  • Build a Better Man Þ Be a Superior Man as per my own personal parameters & definition.
  • Build a Better Life Þ Be a Superior Player in the Game that is living in human society.

Sounds simple, but the big change for me is that until now I’ve been focusing more or less solely on making myself into a Better Man, which while valuable has nevertheless proven a somewhat antediluvian outlook.

In hindsight I suppose it was either incredibly optimistic or incredibly naïve (or both) to believe that putting my efforts into becoming a Better Man would automatically generate a Better Life. In point of fact, alone it is simply insufficient to meet the demands of succeeding within our present society. Hence the need to focus on building both a Better man and a Better Life, which for me are two distinctly separate lines of effort.

Perhaps this will prove a useful framework for Making the Most of Myself, and in doing so guide me in living a great Life that is worth all the effort.

“Fingers crossed”? Nah, as the venerable Yoda says: Do or not do, there is no “Try”. 🙂